At the right place, in the best time.

Better fleet and driver productivity, safety and optimization of your assets.

Track and optimize your fleet operations

Organize, manage and coordinate transport-related activities for better fleet and driver productivity, safety, and optimization of vehicles. Enables users to allocate and share resources efficiently and economically based on real-time supply and demand.


The information you need, at any time!

Provides 24/7 access to GPS fleet management data. Helping you make insightful decisions quickly with minimal risk. No more relying on dated information and recap reports. Supervisors can see delays, issues that will affect the bottom line- inefficient processes that are costing money can be identified and corrected. Rather than relying on dated information from different teams spread across locations.


Maximize Driver Productivity

Track the routes and real time locations of your drivers. Dispatch tasks based on the daily demand of your fleet. Xeleqt driver enables you to evenly distribute your cargo- preventing truck idleness and inactivity.


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